Huckleberries & Trains

My two favourite things about Idaho (other than the sun, water, shopping and everything else that’s really great) are the huckleberries and trains! There’s huckleberry icecream, yogurt, wine, drink mix, bbq sauce, syrup and so many other options! I want it all! And trains here are so common. I love the sound of them, the feeling of them coming, the tracks, and the graffiti on them. I would love to be able to one day travel around on one of these trains. 
I’ve done lots of shopping these past couple of days (probably too much) but I’ve seriously taken a huge chunk off of my shopping list! I purchased an Osprey Ariel 65 in Seaside!
I’m super excited about this pack. I think it’s absolutely perfect for me and I found it on sale! Yay!! 
I also found some walking/hiking shoes that will be taking me from place to place.
And just because I live in my toms here in North America, I figured I should buy some toms to live in in Asia.
I also bought a bathing suit (a one-piece to respect the cultures over there), a button up travel shirt and some travel underwear (to dry it, the directions say to roll it up in a towel like a burrito and stomp on it, this will be fun. haha)! Things are slowly coming along, and I couldn’t be more excited. But still there is so much to do.
I’m starting to have dreams about this trip now too. The past couple of night have been filled with excitement and anticipation and even disappointment! I have no idea what I should be expecting, and so these dreams are really messing with me! I don’t think any amount of reading or googling or picture looking is going to help me out here, I think it’s just going to add to my confusion! But is that going to stop me from doing this? NOPE! It’s way too exciting so do and put into perspective that this is all relevant to my life!
With so much to do these next 7 weeks, I’m going to enjoy and appreciate these next four days with my family and Chelsea in the sun!
 Explorer Chelesa showing off her beautiful tattoo!
 My mommaroo on her daily kayak trip!
 Ms. Bbq Queen!
Eggplant for me!

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