Getting Closer!!!

With only 12 days left before my flight to Colorado, I am seriously freaking out. Just yesterday I sold my car, received my passport back with my Indian visa and received my Steripen (water purification), and had my last vaccination injection! I have everything that I need, and I feel pretty much fully prepared for this… except mentally. I have no clue what to expect, or how I will handle this. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a few people who will be travelling with me, and we all seem to be feeling the same, which makes me feel a bit better, haha. I’m also realizing how much I’m going to miss my friends and family. I’ve never been without either of them for very long, so I’m starting to worry a bit about this too. Basically, these last 12 days will be entirely filled with stress and excitement. It still doesn’t even feel real though.

I feel ready to tackle any medical situation (This is only part of my ‘first aid’ kit!)

I’ve been talking to one of the girls, Kathleen, who will be going as well. We’ve been talking quite often about what to bring, what to expect, what our lives are like now, where we’re from, what we are packing and so on. And it’s really great! It’s awesome to be able to talk to her and discuss what we’re bringing. Her recommendations for medication seem to be going nicely with my recommendations for shampoo! Haha. I can’t wait to meet her, and everyone else.

Things left to do:
  • Fill my ipod with music
  • Repack my bags
  • Read a few more books from my stack
  • Get together all my important documents/information
  • Get together e-mails and addresses
  • Set up a way to store my photos from across the world
  • Spend as much time as possible with my friends and family
Last night I had a dream that I accidentally ate bacon, and threw up like a million times. And all day I have been felt so sick! So now I’m freaking out a bit about how it’s going to work out with me being vegetarian while I’m away. I was thinking I would just not worry about it and picking up from where I left off in December. But I’m unsure how eating meat will go. 
In the meantime of all this worrying, I am house-sitting during this lovely long weekend. And I think that this relaxing weekend is exactly what I need before the next couple weeks of final work and preparation before I go. There are two lovely, cuddly cats and a crazy dog full of energy! I really couldn’t be loving this any more. 


One thought on “Getting Closer!!!

  1. Hey, isn't one of those pouches in your backpack a down filled jacket! Maybe your mom or dad snuck it in.

    And you better get a picture of me on your page so you don't forget what I look like.

    Love Auntie Sharon


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