So here I am at the airport all by my lonesome! My flight is delayed 2 hours! And it’s weird to be sitting here alone. I made so many mistakes going through customs and security and I feel like a doofus! I don’t know how well this going without parents thing is gonna go for me, haha. But at least the airport goodbye with them wasn’t too sappy! But last night with my friends definitely took the cake for that. What a waterworks fest! And i wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m about to go get Tim Hortons and have my last Canadian breakfast for a while! (So I misewell make it extra Canadian with some timmies!) I miss you all already! But now that I’m done with my goodbyes, I’m on to hellos:) Much love! Xoxo


One thought on “Goodbye!

  1. Reading this, I was remembering just how sappy that night was and how much your mom made fun of us. It's weird to realize so much has happened and passed.

    Love you lots!


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