Day 2!

I figure I should take advantage of this wifi while I have it and make another post. This mornings mediation with Greg was awesome. Two other guys joined as well, Phelan and Joel. It was only for 15 minutes, but it is now something I’m hoping to do every day. Greg explained to us how to sit in lotus position with our knees below our pelvis, with our hands facing up for acceptance. He explained that yoga is something that is actually practiced in order to stretch out the body so this meditating position is easy to do! I thought that was pretty neat. Throughout the 15 minutes he kept saying things to help us, such as ‘stay humble’ and ‘let thoughts enter, but allow them to pass through and leave’. He seems to have so much to teach us, and I really hope that I can gain alot from sticking close to him and his meditations and yoga.

After a team breakfast we all sat together for a meeting about rules and expectations! ( And just for Chelsea, I AM allowed to drink on this trip! Well, to some extent. ) After that we broke off into separate groups to discuss our specific itineraries in detail. I am way way way to excited for all the opportunities for everything I can experience these next 3 months. And so is everyone else!

This afternoon the entire group (31 of us, because the south america group is here doing orientation too!) went up into the Rocky Mountains and did a 3 or so hour hike. It was a bit tough, but I got to know alot about my team. And the more I learn about them, the more I love this!

We had dinner all together too, and then sat through a 3+ hour lecture about health and safety. That was bruuuutal. It’s all so exhausting, but this info is CRUCIAL! We finished the night off with a little pj party, if you will, in one of the girls room and thoroughly enjoyed some bonding time. It seems like we’ve all come in here with the same mindset because we are so comfortable with eachother! We all agreed the we are so fortunate to have such a great group of people to be traveling with.

Tomorrows a ton more lecturing! And some downtime and packing. Then we’ve got a brutal flight to Bangkok in the am, which I’ve been told we will be traveling into the future and then back again during this flight! I’ve tried to understand this while time zone thing, but it just ain’t clickin’.

Miss you and love you all!!


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