When was the last time…

• I took a hot shower
• I didn’t feel bad for everyone I saw
• I digested something properly
• I was comfortable
• I wasn’t confused about everything going on around me
• I used cutlery
• I felt clean
• I didn’t question if what I was eating was going to make me sick
• I owned a razor
• I wasn’t being constantly stared at
• I wasn’t groped while walking out in public
• I walked down the street and didn’t see anyone using the streets as their toilet
• It was clear if a man was just being friendly or if he was being creepy
• I was approached by someone on the streets that didn’t want money from me
• It was quiet
• It smelt pleasant
• I smelt pleasant
• It was peaceful
• I felt like I had everything I needed
• I wasn’t concerned about my things being stolen
• I was alone
• I had privacy
• I had independence


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