So over the past couple of months I’ve become a crazy journaler. I’m about 3 pages away from finishing my 3rd. 
So here are some snippets from my journals:

“‘No hope, no fear, no past, no present’ This is what I kept saying to myself during my meditation this morning.”
September 24, 2012, Chang Mai

“So I woke up this morning and realized that there are only 3 sheets of toilet paper left. Great.”
October 2,2012, Ja Kha

“These clothes are raunchy and need to be cleaned. Clean clothes here I come!!”
October 4,2012, Ahka Village

“Southern Islands. ‘Nuff said.”
October 12,2012, Krabi

“In this country I’ve definitely learnt a lot about the group I’m travelling with and done a lot of bonding with them. I think I’m ready to move onto learning more about myself though. And I believe that will happen in India.”
“Thailand has really taught me that sometimes you just need to say ‘whatever!’ Or ‘so what!’. Like when your in the jungle and potentially have bugs crawling all over you, or you haven’t showered in 5 days! In situations like these, there’s not alt you can do, so why fret? Instead just forget about it.”
October 14,2012, Suratthani

“Travelling is a really great way to feel extremely loved and extremely lonely.”
October 16,2012, Bangkok

“Lately I’ve been talking a lot about my mom. It’s weird, but I think that this trip is making me feel closer to her and appreciate her more even though she’s not here.”
October 21, 2012, Jaipur

“I want to write poetry again. But I feel like I’m only creative when I’m sad and I’m so happy with my life that I just don’t have any creative juices flowing!”
October 22,2012, Jaipur

“Everyday should have tears like this.”
October 23,2012, Jaipur

“Nothing here is simple or easy.”
October 26, 2012, Jhadol

“India is very raw. And very real. There are no secrets, no hiding who you are or how much money you have or how you live your life. I think that that is whatever there to be so much passion everywhere. So much emotion and pain and happiness.”
October 26,2012, Jhadol

“The highs are really high and the lows are really low. It’s all really extreme. “
October 28, 2012, Jhadol

October 29, 2012, Jhadol

“I convinced Phelan to let me give him a facial! And then Dan, Gio, Joel and Kathleen begged for me to give ten all one too. So we had a little facial party!”
November 3, 2012, Udaipur

“That’s right: she pooped on the floor. If it wasn’t so hilarious I would be thoroughly disgusted! But all I can do is laugh really hard!”
November 4, 2012, Udaipur

“The sun is hotpink right now as it’s going down over the mountains. The sky doesn’t really seem to begin or end anywhere, but it’s more like it’s a fog that has settled aound the mountains. So out of this ‘fog’ there is this perfectly round, incredibly and magically colored sun. This world is just continuously revealing to me it’s beauty and enchantment.”
November 9, 2012, Mcleod Ganj
“The monkeys here are so funny! They’ve been stealing our food from our plates, pushing their faces against the windows and playing/fighting right beside us. The morning during yoga a monkey came and sat 3 feet away from me. And at lunch one sat about 2 or 3 feet away and watched me. And just as I’m sitting up on the roof writing this one walked right past me.”
November 10, 2012, Mcleod Ganj
“I think you could maybe find happiness and comfort in knowing this: Accepting that what’s good will not keep, and knowing what’s bad will pass.”
November 10, 2012 Mcleod Ganj
“And at the end of the day, whether I believe this Buddhism, karma and rebirth or not, I am still capable of love and compassionand I think that’s pretty solid ground for being the good person that I want to be.”
November 10, 2012, Mcleod Ganj
“BAM. Just like that  felt something that I’ve never felt before.”
November 11, 2012, Mcloed Ganj
“It’s going to be really difficult to go back and carry on, knowing that thre is so much going on in this universe.”
November 13, 2012, Mcloed Ganj
“All the strays from around the are all seem to be huddled together and with us here at Tushita tongiht. They’re all frightened of the fireworks going off so they’re trying to get between our legs and pushed right up next to us for a feeling of safety. I send my love out to all of them tonight too.”
November 13, 2012, Mcleod Ganj
“The man that I gave the apples and banana to yesterday said ‘hello’ and asked me how I was doing this morning! I’m pretty sure that he recognized me. It warmed my heart. A lot. I felt appreciated and that he was genuinely thankful, that I actually did some good.”
November 16, 2012


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