Things I Now Found Ridiculous:
  • The 4 ridiculously large flat screen TV’s in my house.
  • My closet FULL of clothing.
  • My mom paying $20 (or 1600 Nepali rupee or 1000 Indian rupee or 600 Thai bhat) for a ball of yarn.
  • All the commotion about the shooting in Connecticut (which of course is terrible), but the lack of acknowledgement of things similar to this happening in the east all the time.
  • How many gifts are under our Christmas tree, and how much conversation there is about gifts.
  • How many socks I have in relation to how many socks I need and how many socks the families I stayed with owned.
  • How much everything costs over here. 
  • How little things cause the biggest commotion. THERE ARE WORSE THINGS GOING ON IN THE WORLD.
  • The amount of pants, dresses, shirts, sweaters, sunglasses, bras, belts, pajamas, nail polish, makeup, bathing suits, blankets, books, ipods, and pretty much everything else, that I own.
  • Calgary in general.

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