I’m afraid I’m going to forget it all. 
There are memories, and stories, and pictures.
But it’s so easy to fall into the comfort of this side of the world.
The familiarity, the ease, the luxury.
It’s easy to give up on eating Indian food
because the stuff I make tastes the opposite of what it should.
It’s easy to be tempted into ‘needing’ 
what the media tells me I need.
It’s easy to stand in the shower with steaming water
pouring over my skin.
It’s easy to waste hours and hours contaminating my mind
with pointless TV shows.
It’s easy to put makeup on,
try to impress the western society.
It’s easy to sit in my big comfy bed, in clean clothes, with a full stomach,  
typing on my fancy computer. 
It’s easy to  be sucked into your surroundings. 
I don’t want to forget it.
I don’t want to forget any of it.

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