Veg Head

I’ve decided to expand on my vegetarianism a little bit more by incorporating veganism into my wardrobe, beauty regimen and diet a little bit. I’ve made a deal with myself that I’m not going to go out of my way to use and consume vegan products, and I’m not going to spend ridiculous amounts of money to make this happen, or just simply make my life more difficult with this decision, but where I can make it work, I’ll make it work!
I’m going to start with soaps and lotions and shampoos etc. I have toooons laying around, and so I’m going to polish off what I have and then start to slowly purchase only vegan products. I might make an exception for honey though. (I’m not quite sure how I feel about this aspect yet; I don’t feel like I’m educated enough to take a stance on this.) And I won’t purchase anymore clothing that is not vegan, but I will continue to wear what I have. I will eat vegetarian, but if I have the opportunity to make a simple switch to a vegan option, I will jump on that!
The way I see it, this new lifestyle I am experimenting with is not going to cause any harm. Especially if I’m easing my way into these mindful actions. I think that I can have an impact on the world a little bit, even if I am just one person. And with being mindful like this, I can feel a clearing in my conscience, a weight lifted off my chest, a smile in my soul.

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