Childs’ Eye View

When I was staying with my Tibetan family, my little sister LOVED taking pictures with my camera. She snatched it at every chance she got. I didn’t mind at all, she was so happy, and she ended up capturing things in ways that I couldn’t. I didn’t often look at my photos, only when I had a full battery and lots of time on my hands. There was this one train ride that I remember vividly because I was going through my camera after my week with them and I was cracking up at all the pictures of her little eyeballs and eyebrows and nose and hair and every other weird thing she had managed to take. (I remember she kept directing the camera the wrong way so she would take picture after picture of her eye.)
There was one picture that she had taken that had just amazed both Katherine and I. She took this picture of me. As soon as Katherine saw it, just was just speechless. Then said, “This is her perspective of you. This is how she saw you.”ย 
It might just be a silly picture of me, but that’s just it. She saw me as this silly big sister. I will forever let children play with my camera. You never know what they’ll capture.

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