I’m starting to realize that there’s not a time at which you all of a sudden stop making mistakes. I keep telling myself “I will not make that mistake again. From now on I will not make any mistakes.” Coming back, I gave myself a clean slate, a new beginning.Why did I think that this was possible? With each mistake I scold myself for messing up, but in reality that’s just how things go. Sometimes you do the right thing, and sometimes you do the wrong thing. Mistakes don’t make me terrible, they just make me human.
 I don’t think it’s necessary to let the shame and guilt from mistakes rule my life, I don’t think it’s necessary to swear to never make mistakes again, I just maybe think it’s necessary to accept the nature of them, understand them and maybe even learn from them.

“Things usually make sense in time and even bad decisions have their own kind of correctness.”
-Miranda July


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