Soul mates

What are soul mates? Are they two separate souls meant to be together, or maybe the same soul coinciding in two different place? Maybe your soul mate is the reflection of your own soul. 
The explanation that makes the most sense to me is that your soul mate is a reflection of your own soul, poisoned by vices. 
I think that there’s a strong attraction we feel towards the things that are not good for us, the bad things. It’s easy to become drunk off of the rush of confusion, disturbance and adventure when we’re doing something ‘wrong’. (Who defines these things as wrong anyway? ) I think that we’re all attracted to the danger.
 I think that’s what our soul mates are. 
When I think of my soul mate, I think of me. There was a time that my soul mate was ‘my best friend’ and then later on ‘my love’.  But I see so clearly now that my soul mate was a version of myself. That’s where the temptation was; It was a ‘me’ that could’ve existed, had things gone differently. Maybe it even was me in a past life, arising in this life to steer me in a certain direction. It was a ‘me’ that I would never be, could never be. My soul mate consumed me, threw me up in a whirlwind of personal renaissance. 
My soul mate taught me and challenged me, and continues to do so every single day. It’s a haunting obscurity, a frustrating darkness. But bit by bit, I see the light of it all. I see the rhyme and reason. I see why this prevailing universe brought us passionately together and then tore us violently apart. 
How is it that the thing that is the worst for me, is also the best for me. I guess perhaps it’s another contradiction like the sun and the moon, like the ying and the yang. 
A soul mate isn’t someone you forget quickly, in fact, I don’t think it’s someone you ever should. 


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