When someone tells you what is going to happen in your future, do you think it will happen because that was what has always been your destiny? Or do you think it will happen because you now have it in your head, so you’ll (subconsiously?) make it happen?
This is what I’ve been comtemplating the past couple of days since going to see a psychic. I’ve never seen a psychic before, so this was a really interesting experience for me. It was crazy being told the things I was told, even though he didn’t really tell me alot that I didn’t already know. He confirmed alot of my thoughts, he put my personality traits into perspective, he made some sense of my past and gave me a few pointers for my future. All in all, I feel that it was money well spent.
But since seeing him, I’ve had alot of time to think over the things he told me as well as listen to the recording of our conversation. And I’m really trying to see how things will now play out. Just because he mentioned a trip to Vancouver, does that mean I’ll be (intentionally or not?) making that happen? And because he mentioned a blond/brown man a couple of years older in my future, does that mean I will now (consiously or not?) reject anyone who does not fit that description? I wonder how much of my future will change because of the things he said. I wonder how much of what will happen was origionally meant to happen.
I’ve also been trying to decide if the things that he said to me were actually things he knew, or if he said them and just because I wanted them to, my mind molded them in a way that allowed them to make sense? How much of what he said was just generic nonsense that he may say to everybody but because I was fully in this it made sense to me?
Either way, this is yet another experience for me to learn and process from.
(Which he interestingly enough said that I do – with my writing specifically- a little bit more than most.) 

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