Said The Whale to the Stars

There’s something incredibly magical about live music. 

I always enjoy music, no matter what I’m doing or where I am, I love it. But being able to see it performed live puts it into an entirely new perspective for me. Feeling the unity the crowd, all joined together by the same force (the love of music/the love of the band) isn’t something you feel everyday. Same goes for being in a room where everyone is swaying, dancing or just tapping their toes to the same rhythm. Watching how passionate these artists are about their music – possessing them in the most glorious way- allows for an entirely new experience. It’s as if the music just flows from the souls up on the stage and pours right into each of ours, joining us all by this intangible power. 
I’ve only been to three concerts, and every single one was an incredible experience. I leave them loving life more than ever before.
(Thanks again Bryce for the tickets!!)

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