Everyone Has A Story – Don’t Be So Quick To Judge

I have to share with you a little story about a lady I met the other night. Her story sent goosebumps all over the surface of my body, and deeper if that’s possible. 
She is bipolar, and based on her life it came as no surprise to me. She’s lost and confused in this world, frustrated because no one understands her, frustrated because no one even tries. Terrible things keep happening to her (through no fault of her own?) and no matter what she tries to do to achieve happiness, she just can’t seem to win. 
One of the biggest sadnesses in her life it seemed, was her son who was born with a severe genetic disorder.  He was told that he wouldn’t make it into his teens, but he is now in his twenties. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t require 24 hour care, or that it’s not still a struggle each and every single day. 
She expressed her love for him in a way that I will not be able to put into words like she did. It was so evident that he is her reason for living. He is what makes their difficult lives worth living. 
There were a lot of things that she expressed that did not make any sense, but the way she spoke of her son, it was so clear. There was no mistaking it, no mis-articulation of her love. She knew how it was, WHO he was, and his reason for being. That’s all there was to it.
She explained that his soul was so advanced that he is living out his last life and will not be reincarnated again. He is an old soul, a divine soul, here to teach. She spoke of it with such certainty that there was no way that you could think otherwise. 
It was so beautiful that she could take this horrible event, and turn it into so understandable. Bearable even. 
It makes me wonder if she actually is bipolar, if she actually is crazy. It makes me wonder if the difference between her sanity and mine aren’t too far apart. It makes me wonder what kind of world we live in.
Why wouldn’t every one want to think like her?

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