In Another World

(Something I wrote a few years ago and have been wanting to share.)
In another world,
We’d be perfect for each other.
A world where,
You were boy and
I was girl.
A world where,
Age didn’t matter
And happiness was the only objective.
In another world,
Things would work out.
A world where,
They wouldn’t discriminate
Or frown upon.
A world where,
Was love.
In another world,
We wouldn’t hurt.
A world where,
We could keep smiling
And laughing.
A world where,
Nothing was complicated
And everything had a solution.
In another world,
There would be acceptance.
A world where,
They would make and effort
To understand.
A world where,
Truth could be told
And there would be no consequences.
In another world
This would be easy.
A world where,
Secrets didn’t need to be kept
To keep families together.
A world where,
All people would love you
For who you are.
In another world,
There wouldn’t be fear.
A world where,
Words were always true
And actions never lied.
A world where,
Nothing had to be hidden.
In another world,
Everyone would be happy
With themselves.
A world where,
Minds were put in the right bodies,
And people could be who
They wanted to be.
In another world,
There wouldn’t be jealousy.
A world where,
Commitment and dedication mattered.
A world where,
The past could be let go,
And no one would fight.
But in this world,
We aren’t perfect for each other.
We had the right kind of love,
At the wrong time,
With the wrong person.
To us, love waslove.
We didn’t want to hide it,
We didn’t think we had to.
The world wasn’t ready for us yet,
That’s what I like to think.
You taught me how to love,
And how to be loved.
We had love that could conquer.
You taught me how it was to have passion.
You taught me how to fight for what I believed in.
You also taught me how it was to lose that.
You taught me what a broken heart was.
You taught me what it was like to trust,
And have that shattered.
You taught me how to cry.
You taught me how to feel.
I walk away from this with scars.
Scars I hope that can heal one day.
Scars that I will wear to remind me of the lessons I learnt.
In this world,
Things may not be perfect.
But, we will all be okay.

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