Mumford and Sons

This week I had a dream come true. I had the incredible opportunity to see Mumford and Sons, the most incredible band I’ve ever heard, play live.
And this is what I have to say about it:
There are no words that I can put here that will be able to express what an amazing experience this was. It was a night of talent and passion. They are touring for their album ‘Babel’ – the album I listened to day after day through India and Nepal, so this was a concert that I absolutely had to go to. What a nostalgic experience it was to listen to them play as intensily as I had listened riding the trains though India, and trekking up to the Anapurna base camp. It was everything I had hoped for and more. They did not fail to touch my heart and bring me to tears.
I will write again what I wrote about the last concert I went to because it applies entirely. It’s as if everyone becomes a friend.
Feeling the unity the crowd, all joined together by the same force (the love of music/the love of the band) isn’t something you feel everyday. Same goes for being in a room where everyone is swaying, dancing or just tapping their toes to the same rhythm. Watching how passionate these artists are about their music – possessing them in the most glorious way- allows for an entirely new experience. It’s as if the music just flows from the souls up on the stage and pours right into each of ours, joining us all by this intangible power.
And I am so glad that I had the honor of going with one of the greatest people I know. I cannot thank you enough.

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