What I Love About Yoga

It lets you see things how they truly are. It lets you take a break, to become calm. To collect yourself. It allows you to trust. Trust the earth below you, trust your mind, trust your body. It allows you to feel. To feel discomfort, release, emotions you didn’t even know you were feeling. It allows you to open up your heart, your mind, your muscles. It allows nothing but the truth. It requires strength, both mentally and physically, flexibility of both too. It lets you be in the now. It lets you regain the mindfulness you lose during the busy days of life. It lets you be reminded of how beautiful your body is. It lets you love yourself, and lets that muster inside of you until you feel like it’s going to explode to those around you. It allows you to think, process, accept – all the while not allowing any thought to consume you. It allows you to be at peace.
It allows you to be one with yourself.

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