1 Year Vegetarian

I have officially reached the one year mark of being vegetarian.

My body feels fantastic, my mind feels fantastic and my soul feels fantastic. 
All-in-all, it has been very, very easy to be vegetarian! In the past year, I have been so adventurous with trying new foods and I now have so many new favourites. Who knew avocados, lentils, kale and squash were all so delicious?! Since being vegetarian I have also been more aware of what I put into my body and therefore have been eating extremely healthy. My body feels so great because of it.
There have only been a couple slip-ups (entirely unintentional)!! 2 to be exact. And with each of those, I make more of an effort to make sure what I am eating and drinking is completely meat free! And each time came the thought ‘Yup, gonna be vegetarian for quite some time!’
My reasons to continue to be vegetarian are constantly changing and expanding as I carry on educating myself. But ultimately, it just feels right! I feel like I’m doing good for myself, the environment, my soul, my karma, and for many many furry friends. 
“It’s not guilt that stops me from eating meat. It’s the pride I take in living without killing.”
-Edward Sanchez
“Deep inside, everyone’s a vegetarian. I just eat a few less animals than most. Once you come to terms why you don’t eat dogs, cats, monkeys and dolphins, you’ll begin to understand why I don’t eat cows, pigs, chickens and lambs.”

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