I promise to…

Eat more fruit. Watch less tv. Read more for my enjoyment. Tackle my textbooks one chapter at a time. Sleep more. Nap less. Wake up earlier. Go to bed earlier. Get fresh air, even when it’s cold outside. Drink more water. Drink more tea. Text less. Listen to more music. Write more. Sleep naked. Do laundry more often, and use a little more fabric softener. Wear perfume. Wear more lipstick. Get creative with my outfits. Use more lotion. Do yoga. Outside. Even if it’s only just a couple downward dogs. Produce less waste and recycle more.Spend more time with people that make me happy. Spend less time with people that stress me out. Think of the ‘ ten things I’m thankful for’ more often. Wear underwear less often. Be more affectionate. Paint my nails. Go for pedicures. Be more like the people that inspire me. Try to be more inspiring to others. Smile. Share my stories. Push myself to spend time with the people that care about me, even when I just feel like being alone. Stop texting while driving. Breathe; long and slow. Shave my legs more often. Sing. Be more creative and paint. Shop less. Spend less money. Have more intellectual conversations; the kind that make you think and appreciate. Make collages. Laugh. Eat out less and cook from scratch more. Take shorter showers. Take more photos. Share more of my thoughts. Cuddle more. Burn incense. Light candles. Meditate. Learn to love. Be more encouraging of others. Go out of my way to say ‘Hello’, and introduce myself to new people. Apologize for my mistakes. Drive with the windows down. Wear feather earrings. Be the best and the happiest that I can be. Be barefoot. Be in the sunshine. Think of my favorite mantra more often – “No hope. No fear. No past. No future.” Be in the ‘now’. 

Happiness is something you create for yourself, and I promise to do exactly that.

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