Currently laying on a bed outside next to the pool, surrounded by a million freaky flying bugs, my skin warm from the kisses from the sun today, while a lightening storm is going on around me in the dark sky, but there isnt any rain, the air is just hot and humid. This is bliss.

We arrived in Libera, Costa Rica two days ago. We checked in at our hotel (which we had a resevation for but somehow it all of a sudden didn’t exist) and then went out for dinner. It didn’t seem like there was much there in Liberia, so I’m glad we were only there for one night. We woke up in the morning to (and figure out how to) catch a bus to the Nicaraguan border. We met a really nice and helpful guy from Canada who gave us some suggestions for our travels and walked us right to the bus. He spoke good spanish so he really helped us with making sure we were going to where we needed. He also took us to a fruit stand to get some breakfast where we got a pineapple and two passionfruits. They were SOOO delicious. We cut them up on our laps with the knife I brought. By the end of it our laps, faces and arms were covered in juice. SOOO WORTH IT. We’ve been craving them since we had them. So fresh. So juicy. So perfect.

The bus we rode in to the border was surprisingly luxurious, I thought it was going to be hot and cramped and so funny of people, but it was spacious and cool and really quite enjoyable. We were let off close to the border, and we were immediately confused. There were so many different stops we had to make before we could cross over! We had to pay to leave the country, and then we had to take that receipt to another building a few meters over to get our passports stamped. Once we had that figured out we continued walking to find another bus to take us to San Juan del Sur, but we couldn’t see any buses! We were starving so we wanted to stop for lunch before continuing on, so we stopped in at this little shack. Nobody could speak english, and they didn’t even have real menus. Somehow through my ‘Soy vegetariana’, and almost everyone in the place getting involved in the conversation, we ended up with meals… mine, meat free! We thought we deserved a nice cool cervesa, and before we knew it a local had bought us another! We had a blast there. We left, thinking that we were in Nicaragua and ready to find a bus. We walked down the road, and all of a sudden we had to go through two more buildings and pay a bit more to enter into Nicaragua! It was as if there was a kilometer of limbo, between the two countries. We finally made it through all of the paper work, and decided that instead of taking another bus to San Juan, that we would take a cab. 30$ for a half hour, stress free ride! I loved watching all the scenery as we drove by. Nicaragua has a huuuuge lake which we drove along for a while, and on the other side of it we could see a couple of volcanos. IT WAS SO COOL ! 

We finally made it to our destination: The Naked Tiger hostel. We immediately got a ‘welcome’ beer, and hopped in the pool! What an amazing welcome that was. This hostel is located just outside of San Juan del Sur in the hills. Sooooo, in other words, it has an incredible view of  the coast. It truly is paradise. This hostel is definitely a part hostel, and last night there was a pub crawl starting at The Loose Moose, a Canadaian bar. So natrually, we were on board for that. What an incredible time that was… we met so many people and had such a blast. The tourists here are CRAAAZY. We danced well into the night, and when we finally made our way back up to our hostel, we were mesmerized by the fireflies surrounding us as we rode in the back of the truck. 

We woke up this morning, hopped right in the pool, lounged around until it was time for us to hop on a truck to take us to a little surfer town/beach. We layed in the sun and played in the waved until we were hungry, tired, and covered in sand. Definitely a relaxing day; nice to have after the days of flying, bussing, and dancing! It was about a twenty minute drive to this beach, and on the way we got to see rural Nicaragua. It reminded me a lot of a place I stayed in India (Jhadol). There were tiny little farms, lots of chickens, garbage everywhere, and the ‘houses’ were tiny cement buidling with porches and two open-doored rooms. Definitely a lot of poverty here. But something that I noticed and really loved about seeing how these people live, is that I saw numerous families enjoying eachothers company while sitting in the hammocks on thier porches. It was clear to me that they really valued their loved ones.

We are off for a bit more adventure tomorrow ! A bit of a hike, some shopping, and I think we are going to move on from this crazy party place and see what else this beautiful country has to offer.

Peace & Love 

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