Things I Don’t Want To Forget About Nicaragua

  • The food is awful. No flavor. All the same texture.
  • 25 cordobas = 1 American dollar
  • The sun goes down so early (about 6pm) and rises really early too (about 5:45am)
  • It’s SO hot and SO humid.
  • There are yellow pineapples and white pineapples. Booth are so juicy and delicious. (The yellow are my favorite!)
  • The showers are so cold and feel so good.
  • The buses (even though they are going to the same place, from the same place), are all different: some air conditioned and small, some are chicken buses, some are comfy tour busses.
  • Listening to music here while writing creates a whole different experience.
  • The hostels look dull from the outside, but as soon as you are past the lobby you see how magical and big they are, with gardens and sometimes pools in the middle under the open sky!
  • The hostels either have kitchens or restaurants. Both are super convenient… but never the one you are hoping for at the time.
  • Everyone from England pronounced Nicaragua like ‘Nick-arh-ah-goo-ah”. Its hilarious. And charming!
  • They locals burn their garbage in piles on the streets.
  • It’s really quite dirty everywhere.
  • There are these HUGE beetles (they look like june bugs) that are harmless, but SOO big with really long legs, that seem to come out of absolutely no where and hit me. It hurts a bit because they are so big!!!ย 

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