Bird Poop In My Hair

Our next destination was Santa Theresa, on the peninsula on the Pacific Coast. It was a cute little surfer town, so naturally, we signed up for lessons right away! 

This day, was the last day before Jasmine left for home, and I was to be on my own. So we took advantage of the opportunity to seize the day! We woke up early and headed to the ocean. Our lesson was an hour and a half, and if it was any longer, I don’t think I could have done any more !!!! Surfing is HARD work. (And you get a lot of salt water going through your sinuses.) But it is freaking amazing and so so so much fun. 

We headed back, sunburnt and well worked out, rinsed the saltwater off and headed out for lunch. On our way, we ran into Adrian, an ‘adventure’ shop owner, who offered to take us to Montezuma (a town half an hour away) to go to the waterfalls. We all had lunch together and then we set off to do so! It was a neat experience that he gave us, riding along the back roads between farms. We got to the waterfall and were told we would have to hike for a while… But this was like no hiking I’ve ever done before !! We were hopping from one side of the river to the next, jumping from slippery rock to slippery rock, grabbing onto rocks and shimmying our way across and up mud walls. We definitely weren’t hiking in the traditional sense, but we sure were working hard ! We were soooo hot, sweaty, and covered head to toe in earth by the time we got to the waterfall. Even though the water was a browny-reddy color and you could not see anything in it at all because of the storm last night, we stripped down to our bikinis and hopped in! It was sooooo cool, and so refreshing. We swam around for a while, using the rope to swing in and climbing up rocks and plunging into the water from there. Just before we left, Adrian climbed up the rope (I have noooo idea how the heck he did that) onto the branch that held it, and dove in from up there! It was impressive to say the least.

He drove us back to town, dropped us off to change out of our wet clothes, and then drove us to a farm so that we could ride horses. It was late in the afternoon by this point, so the sun was sloooowly making it’s way down. The horses took us up hills to look over the sandy beaches and huge waves, through forest and across rivers, and along the beach. It was so SO beautiful. Parts of the beach had huuuuuge rocks staggered along it, and it looked right out of a magazine, or postcard, or anything that didn’t seem real. It was breathtaking. 

At one point, we passed through a meadow that had a couple of horses. It didn’t seem like a farm, and they didn’t really seem to be anyone’s. I want to say that they were wild horses, but I’m not sure if that’s very accurate. Anyways, as we passed by them, they started to follow us! They followed us for a little while, and as we passed through a bit of a clearing into the beach, we (and the two wild horses) were approached by about 8 dogs, vareying from fluffy little white dogs, to huge black monsters. They were barking and barking and barking, and I was terrified that they would spook my horse and send me flying through the air! Luckily that didn’t happen, but the barking did make the wild horses go a bit crazy and run circles around us. It was bizzar. Finally, the dogs stopped and headed back to their home, but the horses stayed with us. One of them came right up to my horse and nibbled on it’s neck. My horse sped up a bit, and it did it again on it’s backside. Next thing I know, my horses back leg juts out and it kicks the other horse!! What a weird weird WEIRD experience. 

Adrian came and picked us up, and asked us to join him for a drink from a resteraunt up in the hills to watch the sunset. We got up there and it was just incredible. We grabbed beers and sat down to watch the show. Adrian had pointed out some white on my hand, and I just wiped it off, thinking that it was the soap I had just washed my hands with. 10 minutes later Jasmine says ‘WHAT IS IN YOUR HAIR?!’. It was bird poop. And we all had a good laugh. I went to wash it off and came back and Adrian was laughing some more. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up to wipe the white, bird poopy water running down the side of my face. It was hilarious! 

The restaurant had an infinity pool, and we looked over that into the beaches. Since the day was so hot, the water from the sand and trees was evaporating, making the coast look misty and magical. The sun was SO orange. So bright. So powerful.

It was the perfect ending to the perfect day. 

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