Today Was A Bad Day. But Then It Became A Good Day.

The first morning being solo, I was super excited for this next part of my journey in Central America !! I woke up, excited to be here, excited for the opportunity to travel, excited to take things into my own hands! But for some reason…. That wasn’t really what I was feeling. 

I woke up, said goodbye to Jasmine, headed back up to our room to pack up my stuff. It was raining first thing in the morning, and I felt that I had experienced Mal Pais, Montezuma and Santa Theresa to the fullest that I could and that I was ready to move on. I felt that being solo called for a new destination! So I packed up my stuff and headed out figure out the  bus times. 

I was told a MILLION different things about what time the bus would come. 11:00, 11:30, 12, 12:10. And that there was no bus stop, you just stand at the side of the road and wave them down. So, I figured I would park myself down on the side of the road, sitting on my backpack, waiting for this bus that may or may not come at any second. Since it had been raining earlier that morning, I wore leggings and a 3/4 length sleeve shirt. But all of a sudden , the sun was shining and I was WAYYY over dressed. I could feel the sun burning the skin on my face, and the sweat running down everywhere on my body. I was instantly not impressed. All I wanted was to get out of there and move on to my next destination, the next part of my journey, especially since I knew that I had two busses to take down awful, dirt roads, a ferry to take, and another bus. 

People were passing by me, asking which bus I was waiting for. After telling them, they told me that there was a bus at 2:00 that would take me to the ferry, which is where I was wanting to go! But, I didn’t want to go at two, because I was planning on making it to Jaco before dark. So I sat and waited. Finally, the bus came, I got on it, and I was headed to Cobano, the town where I would switch busses ! I finally got there around one, got off, and sat on the bench at the bus stop waiting. A boy sat beside me and I asked what time the bus came. It took a while for him to understand my Spanish, but finally he gave me an answer: 3 o’clock. Great. I had to wait another two hours, in the hot sun, in a weird little town, for the bus I didn’t even really want to get on in the first place.  

Finally, the bus came. I needed to make sure the bus was going to the ferry in Paquera, and I asked a fellow traveller who was on the bus to confirm. I was in the right place. And I had made a new friend ! We chatted for the majority of the bus ride, and sat together on the ferry. His name was Anas, and he was from Germany. He was a really cool dude and it was nice to have some new company off this while. I was telling him about how awful my day had been and how I just wanted to move on, and he said to me “Everything is right”. And everything WAS right. I had made it into the ferry, much later than I wanted to, but I made it. 

Soon, his words were really solidified in their meaning as the sun started to go down, and for the hour ferry ride, we got to watch this spectacular show. The sun was orange, huge, bright and powerful once again. And the transition of the sun being replaced by the moon in those few moments was also incredibly powerful. I’ve never seen colors like that before. We were watching this happen over the islands scattering the distance between the mainland and the peninsula, alone that landscape was incredibly beautiful. But as the sun changed colors from the bright, yellow of day, to the dark orange of the setting sun, the sky also changed from a light blue, to a deep navy. The deep navy mixed with the orange sun is a combination of colors that I will never forget. As the colors of the sky were changing, the boats in the water started to turn their lights on. These boats were draped with white Christmas lights, and was the perfect addition to the sunset, the landscape and the changing colors of the sky. Everything was right. 

Unfortunately, it was time to part ways when we had arrived at the port; he was headed north, and I was headed south. 

Next came another problem. It was after dark. I was really hoping to be able to make it to Jaco without having to travel in the dark. Well, that didn’t happen! I had to make a decision: take the bus even though it was dark (which was only an option for a brief moment, as the buses stopped at 4 that day), pay the $60 cab to Jaco, or find a hostel in Puntarenas, the port town, for the night. All of a sudden, two lifesavers came out of no where, two American travellers, came to the rescue. They were in the EXACT same position, and they asked if I wanted to share their cab with them for $20 a person. Hands down, my answer was yes !! 
I quickly learned that they weren’t actually travelling together, they had met a few days prior and had decided to stick together for a couple of days. And I just got lucky enough to tag along with the lovely Dustin, from California, and the lovely Danny, from Seattle, for the next while. 
Everything is right. Everything is right. Everything is ALWAYS right. 

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