Too Many Bugs In My Mouth

Monte Verde was an incredible experience. 

We woke up early in the morning to do a canopy and ziplining tour. We were picked up right at our hostel and driven to the base of it. On the ride up, we instantly made friends with the others that were doing it as well. We were all laughing and talking and having a great time – this continued throughout the day. The zip line canopy your was called ‘Extremo’ and consisted of 13 zip lines, 1 rappell down a tree, one Tarzan swing, and one ‘superman’ zip line that flew over a valley for ONE KILOMETER! It was so beautiful. We were harnessed and strapped in and flewwwww over trees, some filled with a monkey or two, some filled with parrots. It was amazing how fast you would get going, and how high up you were. It was such a rush! 

The Tarzan swing might have been one of the silliest things I’ve experienced. When I was little I did a swing like this at summer camp. They harnessed you onto a rope hanging down between two trees, and then pulled you up one of the poles and released you. This resulted in a graceful, smooth, painless glide through the air. The one at Extremo was not quite like this. At all.  Two (very non-English speaking) guys stood on the end of a platform and hooked my harness into the rope that was attached to a tree branch up above and quite far forward. Then they said (perhaps the only English they know) ‘don’t jump!’ (Which I responded with ‘yeah okay, like I would jump!!’), grabbed into the back of my harness and pushed me off the ledge!!!! From there I went STRAIGHT down, until there was no slack in the rope (ouch, when it finally caught!), and then at which point it was a graceful glide up into the trees and back down. This process was just so absurd that I just laughed hysterically ! But as I was being pushed off and flying through the air my mouth was WIDE open, and a HUGE bug flew into my mouth. It was big enough that I had to reach in and pull in out. That was gross ! I guess that’s what I get for screaming. 

Later that day, Jasmine and I went for lunch and I ordered my new favorite thing: a banana and cacao milkshake. SO DELICIOUS! I downed it pretty quickly, but as I was devouring the last bit of it, a huuuuuuuuuuge fly came up through the straw and into my mouth. Not a pleasant thing to have happen at all. 

We finished the night off with our new friends at a local bar called ‘Amigos’. Those locals sure know how to party! 

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