A Cat, A Dog and An Unfortunate Bird

I’m currently sitting on the steps of my hostel waiting for a shuttle bus to pick me up. I’ve been waiting a while so I’ve picked up my book to read. As I’m peacefully minding my own business, I notice the hostels cat come through the gate. I look up and notice it has something in it’s mouth: a half alive pigeon. This bird it half the size of this cat! I’m sitting in front of the door, so this cat has one option: brush past me (and the bird too) on it’s way inside. I was really unsure what to do, because obviously the hostel owner does not want any dead animals in their hostel, but I didn’t really know how to stop this from happening! So I just stood up and watched the cat walk in. I stood, amazed at the size of this bird and the grace of this cat walking through the foyer. All I could do was stare in awe as the cat is just proudly, slowly bringing in it’s catch. All of a sudden the hostel dog runs out of no where, slips on the linoleum floor, and runs straight for the cat and bird. The cat hops up onto a china cabinet, and the dog has been sitting at the bottom since, trying to figure out a way up. This is too much to handle before 7:00 am! LOL 

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