Concrete Jungle

My original plan for Costa Rica did NOT include San Jose. In fact, I had done planning to avoid being there at all! I even booked my flight in and out of Liberia. 

But, next thing I knew, I was in San Jose. 

I was brought there in hopes to meet up with some travellers I had met earlier in my trip, but those plans fell through immediately as I got there. Bummer. So then I was alone in this big, busy, “unsafe” city, not really wanting to be there in the first place, with plans of going to a “more dangerous” place that I wasn’t too keen on going to with others, let alone on my own, and not really sure what to do next. I was alone. I was upset. I was scared. It did not seem that this trip was turning into the way I was hoping. Going from being super sick, to this? I was not feeling optimistic. It seemed to be challenge after challenge. 

But, a little bit of trust and reassurance goes a long way. What’s that saying? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, I made lemonade. And lots of it. 

I had to realize that I really AM travelling alone. That means, I can’t rely on anybody but myself. But that also means that there’s nothing holding me back. From anything. Going from travelling with Jasmine, to Anas, then to Dustin and Danny, San Jose was the first time that I was truly travelling on my own. My fears were swallowing me. And this, I was not at all expecting. Since when was I afraid like that? Since when did I not believe in myself ? Since when did I have such uncertainty? Since when did I have a problem with being alone? Since when did I not trust in the universe? 

With these realizations (and a lot of encouragement and support from Mitch back home), I gained back my excitement, courage and independence. A huge part of travelling is overcoming challenges – and that’s just what I had to do! And as soon as I changed my perspective, my trip really took a turn for the better. 

I grabbed my camera and some money and headed out into San Jose. With no fear. No doubt. No concerns. And guess what? I REALLY ENJOYED MYSELF ! I walked around until I found a grocery store, where I bought some things to make dinner. Then I walked around taking photos of all the street art. So many people have told me that San Jose is ugly. And I mean, in comparison to the rest of the country, the lush, green, beautiful jungle, it’s definitely different. But the streets are covered in street art: really beautifully done graffiti. 

I went to bed feeling so much better than I had in the past few days. I embraced the fact that I was alone, and I gathered my courage and made the decision to follow through with my plans to go to the Caribbean side of the country. 

And of course, everything has turned out beautifully. It’s times like this, times that test my faith, that make me trust so much, so deeply, that everything happens exactly how it needs to in this beautiful world. 

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