Ginger Ale & Toast

When Dustin, Danny and I arrived at our hostel in Jacó, I was in awe ! This hostel was a brand new building, just a few meters from the beach. It had a pool, and a roof top bar! It had brand new mattresses and brand new showers. It was the nicest hostel I’ve seen! I was put into a dorm that had no one else in it, and had it’s own bathroom. So basically, I had a private room with my own bathroom. It was great !! 

Once I was all settled, I hopped in the pool and waited for the guys to meet me! We had all been travelling all day, so once we went for a quick dip we all wanted food. I had heard lots of not-so-good things about Jacó pertaining to the activities that take place after dark so I wasn’t super excited about going out since it was dark (even though it wasn’t very late at all), but I was starving and had two men with me so I figured it was an okay situation. It was indeed an okay situation, but once we had finish dinner we just walked around the Main Street a little bit. Our walk didn’t last very long though because we quickly began to feel very out if place and uncomfortable. All the not-so-good things I was hearing about was true: there were prostitutes everywhere calling out for Danny and Dustin’s attention, and men coming up to   us saying “Cocaine? Cocaine? Cocaine?”  . No cocaine!!!!! No prostitues!!!! We headed (quickly!) back to our hostel and I promised myself to not head out again after dark in Jacó!!  

The next day I slept in. When I finally woke up, I put on my bikini and headed straight for the pool. I swam and lounged around reading while waiting for the guys to emerge. Finally, they did, and we headed to the beach to surf! Dustin headed right out into the ocean (successfully), Danny was struggling a bit, and I sat on the beach working up the courage to give surfing another shot. After a while, Danny needed a break and came and sat on the beach, and I headed out to give it a shot. It was not successful at all for me! It’s unbelievable how strong currents can be and how rough waves can be. Danny and I both gave it an honest shot, but ended up soaking up rays together on the beach instead! Dustin spent tons of time in the water, all the while Danny and I just sat and enjoyed eachothers company. With all that “hard work” (haha) we worked up an appetite ! So when Dustin had come in we left for lunch! We did that and then wandered around town for a while. It was a really nice afternoon! 

That evening, it stormed. So we spent the evening up on the roof watching the lightening. It was raining pretty hard and the floor was really wet, so naturally, we ran and slid on our stomachs across the floor ! This night spent with Danny and Dustin was absolutely perfect. 

That evening I woke up from a really strange dream. In real life, I was planning on heading to San Jose in a couple of days. In my dream, I was doing the same. In my dream I was preparing to start my journey there, but I wasn’t feelig good. I kept saying “No, not today. I can’t do it today. I don’t feel good.” Next thing I know, I was awake thinking “oh no. I DONT feel good!!” And that was the beginning of a very rough, very sick night.  I woke up the next morning hoping to be feeling okay enough to sit on the beach, but I couldn’t leave my bed. Eventually though, I did make my way down to the reception area to see if it was possible to get some toast. The owner made me toast and gave me a banana, I was so thankful! Throughout the day she had brought more toast, bananas and ginger ale up to my room. I was amazed at how kind she was and how she really had no obligation at all to do any of that for me! I was so SO grateful for her hospitality. She just said “it’s the ‘mom’ in me, I can’t help it!”. Danny had left that morning, but Dustin was there and he also checked in throughout the day to see how I was doing, and brought me a milkshake! 

Needless to say, if I had to be sick I’m VERY glad that it was there, in my own room, with my own bathroom, with a friend and a ‘mom’ for a day. 

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