Things I’ve Gained By Working Weekends :

  • I’m productive. I get things done quickly. After working for 8 hours a day on weekends, I have a short amount of time left over to get school assignments done. So I just do it, because that’s all I can do!
  • I appreciate days off, and days to sleep in. Going 7 days a week for most weeks of the past year and a half has hardly given me any days off. Every day has something. Every day I have somewhere to be, something to do. I appreciate, so much, days off.
  • I don’t drink a lot. Many times I’ve gone in after a late night out drinking and just ย hated myself for it the next day. I appreciate feeling good, and setting myself up for having a nice day.
  • And on that note – I’ve realize the true brutality of a hangover. If you can’t sleep through them… they are truly awful.
  • I understand the importance of being rested. I don’t stay up too late and I ensure that I am going to be rested enough to feel good and productive throughout the day, and be able to make the most of my evenings instead of going home to nap.
  • I’ve been able to save up some money!
  • I’m proud to say that I’ve worked almost every single weekend for the past 19 months. That is a LONG time, and as much as it sucked, it was something I’m glad I’ve done. (And will never do again.)

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