Settle. Settle into your body. Settle into your mind. Settle into the love you feel everyday for something, someone, new. Settle into the moment. Settle into your emotions. Your smile. Your worries. Settle into the things you hope for, the things you hope to be. Settle into the earth. Settle into your comfort. Your discomfort. Settle into your yin and your yang. Your sun and your moon. Settle into balance, even if you need to fall out of balance to get there. Settle into the goodness surrounding you. Settle into your experiences. Settle into your disappointments. But don’t let them hold you down. Settle into the things, the people, that make you feel beautiful. Settle into the things that make you, you. Settle into the realization that everything happens the way it needs to. That there is so much more going on than you know. That each day brings you peace, contentment, enlightenment. Even if you don’t realize it at the time. Settle into the gratitude that you have for these moments, these people, this life.

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