Things I Don’t Want To Forget About The Philippines:

  • being called ma’am by everyone
  • how widely spoken English is
  • $1 = 36 PHP
  • how reactive people were to my enthusiasm, and how Bianca thought it was hilarious
  • how drastically their peoples expressions change (from such a serious, mean, intimidating face to the biggest smile with the brightest eyes)
  • how the bathrooms are called “comfort rooms”
  • how much it reminded me of Thailand
  • how each bathroom was so different (ranging from clean and fully stocked to disgusting and barely functioning)
  • how everyone was soooo nice
  • how the roosters and the cows/water buffalo had competitions each night to see who was louder
  • how different the stray dogs are… way worse than I’ve seen (they all seem to have a skin disease/infection that makes their fur fall out and get wart-looking pustule-type bumps all over their bodies)
  • often toilets don’t have toilet seats, and the toilet paper is by the door of the bathroom, not in the stalls
  • how I feel so so SO safe… safer than any country I’ve been in
  • how rainy it was. no real beach days, and not even one sun set!
  • the habal habals were such skilled motorcycle drivers and it was terrifying and fun to ride on the back of one with both packs on
  • how aggressively carnivorous this country is
  • how freaking delicious fired bananas are (even though we only had them once)
  • how lazy all the workers seemed… but there were SO many working at the same time
  • how they never cleared dirty dishes away until we paid and walked away
  • how they barely ever had what we ordered from the menu
  • how I finally decided that I like mangoes

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