Thing I Don’t Want To Forget About Malaysia

  • Tea here is not very good. It’s ‘Teh Tarik’ which is black tea with condensed milk. It’s made by “tea pulling” which is a reaaaally cool process of mixing the drink all up, but it’s really overly sweet and really not very tasty. In theory: really good. In reality: really terrible. (But by the end, I really quite enjoyed it and am craving it as I write this up)
  • They walk on the left side of the sidewalk
  • Whenever I compliment anyone or something it’s received so hesitantly with “ha, okay”
  • Whenever I say “no, thank you!” it’s always responded to with “okay, you’re welcome”
  • How an extended “haaaa” is added onto the ends of sentences often
  • The serious blend of Chinese, Indian and Islamic people and culture
  • How Kuching (literal translation: cat) has no cats
  • In general there are so few strays. I’ve only seen a handful
  • Warm showers are everywhere
  • Roti canai and banana pratta
  • The sun never goes down as early as I expect it to
  • The seriously good Indian food in peninsular Malaysia, and how cheap it is!
  • The streets are called “Jalan”
  • In KL, the Indian people have SUCH dark skin
  • It’s sooo easy to get around
  • It’s way more organized and developed than I was expecting
  • Borneo is significantly different from the peninsula
  • Not making much of an effort to learn the language because it seems way too diverse (even though it isn’t)
  • The fruit juices are so cheap and 100% fresh and real
  • The coin currency has so many different coins for a single denomination
  • UBER has been the best
  • Transportation here is so affordable and so easy
  • The bathrooms are always so wet
  • There are signs in the bathrooms with western toilets saying “no shoes on the toilet seat”

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