What Happened When I Shut My Phone Off

  • I read almost an entire 360 page book in a few days
  • I was focusing more on my thoughts
  • I was stressing about less
  • I was enjoying my surroundings more
  • I was falling asleep as soon as I got into bed
  • I was writing more
  • It created space for so much more
  • I felt less obligated to things… meaning that I felt significant freedom
  • I paid less attention to time, and felt less tied down to anything
  • I ate slower
  • I noticed how people are ALWAYS looking at their phones
  • I didn’t notice or seek out places with wifi
  • I was in no rush at any time
  • I realized that it is so important to have your phone to travel these days due to all the things you can do on it: manage flights, check your bank account, order uber

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