Listen. Feel. Ground.

Listen. Listen to your breath. The ins, the outs. Listen to the sounds around you, the sounds within you. Listen to your ego, listen and decipher if it’s your truth, or if it’s what what you think you should be. Listen to where you are. Listen to the warnings, the “too fars,” the “too fasts,” the “too muchs.” Listen, consider whats being heard. Let it sink in. Listen, really listen.


Feel. Feel the space that opens up when you do so. Feel the breath move in, move out. Feel the pause between. Feel the tensions, and feel how you can let them go. Feel when things are wrong, and instead make space for what it right. Feel what happens when you listen, when you hear. Feel the shifting happening inside you, around you.
Feel, really feel.

Ground. Ground into this newfound space, satisfy its craving for recognition, for acceptance. Ground into the momentum that comes with this awareness. Ground into what feels right, while growing from what doesn’t. Ground into the kindness you have for yourself, the love that you have for yourself. Ground into how right it is, how long it’s been coming, how absolutely necessary this is. Ground into the gratitude that comes with this experience. Ground into this freedom.
Ground, really ground.


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