Journal Entries From Serenity:

“I’ve never cried like that in a class before. Tears literally falling from my face, falling onto (and into) my mat, legs, feet; falling right from my eyes, dripping off my eyelashes; falling from my forehead after rolling up, along my face.”

“Nothings going to go away until I make something of it.”

“That’s a freaking sick joke, universe.”

“It’s okay to be challenged. And it’s okay to work through it, and it’s okay to need to work through it.”

“At the end of the day, this is going to be okay.”

“I need to make space for the positive things that are coming.”

“I ooze and I ooze and I ooze until I’m sitting in a puddle. A puddle of sweat, tears and emotion.”

“I’m capable of a lot more than I give my body credit for.”

“There’s not many times in life where you get to literally shut everything off, put everything aside and just be.”

“I grow, I ground. I grow, I ground. I grow, I ground. I grew, and now it’s time for me to ground.”

“This discomfort is exactly what I’m supposed to be settling into in order to change it into something better.”

“Fear has led me to protect my ego. Fear has led me to neglect my needs. Fear has kept me from self-love.”

“I am not closed off to having a good, long look at myself, but I am closed off to doing that through a negative lens.”

“Love trumps fear, every time.”


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