It’s Love


It’s the push and pull of the ocean current on my body.
It’s the little sounds, muted by the water over my ears.
It’s the blinding light from the sun.
The electric little zaps from the mysterious fish in the water.
(The little zaps – reminders of reality.)
It’s the powder fine sand, matching the color of the clouds, finding its way into everything.
It’s looking into his eyes and realizing that he fits perfectly into this universe,
my universe,
With his irises perfectly matching the sky beyond him.
It’s the cool spots & the warm spots.
It’s the dog pouncing at the crabs.
It’s the laughter that comes after a few beers.
It’s the embraces of reuniting with (relatively) old friends.
It’s the bioluminescent plankton being camouflaged by the light of the full moon.
It’s all the shades of the blue.
It’s the song-song start of a new day.
It’s the salty kisses.
It’s the wax creeping down the candle because there was no power at dinner.
It’s this exact moment,
The now,
RIGHT now.
It’s the complementary contrast of the blue of the water and white of the sand.
It’s getting lost in the dark on the same path you were on an hour earlier with the light.
It’s the color on my skin,
the kisses from the sun.
It’s the heat thrown from the fire, spun into the air by the fire dancers.
It’s the sandy cuddles with the dogs and all their fleas.
It’s the heat within;
Starting from the center,
& spreading slowly through my body.
It’s love. It’s all love.
Everything around me, it’s love.


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