Settle. Settle into, but not for. Settle into the stillness. Settle into the tightness. Into the discomfort. Settle. Settle into your frustrations. Your lack of patience. Let it teach you something about your limits. Settle into the lessons to be learnt. Settle into your fears. Settle into uncertainty. Settle. Settle into the good days, but especially the bad ones. Settle into things not going your way. Settle into your weaknesses. Let them become your greatest strength. Settle into the perhaps incorrect asana with poor alignment because you just need to follow what your body is asking for. Settle into forgiveness. Settle into emotions. The laughter, the tears. Settle into whatever has come your way.

Settle. Because even though the sand may shift beneath your feet, it’s there. Supporting you. And even though the sun may burn your shoulders, it’s there. Sending light. Without settling into the moment you have, you can’t let go. And if you can’t let go, nothing can be washed away. And if nothing can be washed away, then you’re burdened. Held down. Stuck.

So settle. Settle into the now. Into the RIGHT now. Because whatever is in your moment, it’s okay. Because whatever it is you’re feeling, it’s okay. Whatever it is you’re experiencing, it’s okay. Settle into the essence of your humanity. Into the very thing that connects you to one another on this planet. Because without that, you’ve got nothing.

So embrace it.


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