Hey, Dan!


Remember that time we arrived in the middle of the night in Kolkata? And when the taxi guy called our hostel to get directions but they claimed they had no booking? And so the taxi guy took us to a hotel that was waaaaaay too expensive, so he took us somewhere cheaper instead? But then when I went to check it out he took me around the back of a building and wanted me to follow him inside the side entrance into an elevator to an unmarked floor? But I ran away instead and you came to follow me? And then he took us to another expensive place? But then we decided it was too expensive and that we should go back to the sketchy place and check it out together? And then we did, and it was perfect? And the room even came with aryuvedic soap that isn’t tested on animals? And the room service menu was all vegetarian? And then we slept well and in the morning we went to get money? And then paid $0.40 for puri, dhal and chai? Yeah, that was fun.


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