Food Poisoning, Rain & Motobikes

Our next destination was Hue. We took an overnight bus and because of this our first day there was basically a write off… we slept the whole afternoon! But, we made the most of the next day. We rented a bike again and just set off! We went through random communities, around the Purple Palace, and to some war bunkers. The whole day was rainy and meek, but still pleasant and seeing all these things was great! Especially the war bunkers. In fact, it was really quite creepy, yet intense to see them. And it was easy to picture how the war would have looked in the area, trees surrounding big open areas of red earth. Especially with the rainy grey sky. While Hue was quite uneventful and probably not my favorite place, I’m glad we got to see what we did. Danny ended up getting food poisoning here, so he probably would agree that it wasn’t awesome!

Our next destination was Hoi An, but now with his food poisoning we had a bit of a problem: two days before we had booked a bike rental for the journey, with stops planned along the way! But with him being sick, I woke up in the morning assuming he wanted to move it to the next day, or change plans completely. But, he wanted to power through! I was hesitant, but he was adamant. I guess in the long run it made sense not to waste a day, but being sick is so brutal on its own, and adding a bike on it is just torture! Since he clearly wasn’t in the best state, I did the driving. I was super hesitant at first (he had done most of the driving up until this point) and I was a bit nervous as we were planning to split it! But, once I got going all those nerves went away. It was raining quite a bit that day, so I started off extra, extra, EXTRA cautious, but I quickly gained a feel for the bike on the wet roads and realized it wouldn’t be as big a hindrance as I had thought. The only thing with the rain really was the fact that with no windshield protecting us, the rain was hitting our faces like little knives! Especially mine, being at the front! It was bruuuuutal. I was surprised I wasn’t bleeding! I even had to pull over at one point to give my face a break. Thank goodness it wasn’t like this the entire way. Since Danny was sick, we decided to only make one stop at Elephant Falls. It it had been a sunny day the stop probably would have been more worthwhile since we would have gone for a swim, but it was still beautiful! We found a big rock to lay on and just spent a while there, looking at the sky, laughing with each other.

After that stop, Danny went downhill and was really eager to get to Hoi An. I don’t blame him! But we still had about two hours to go. The weather had cleared up a bit by then, and without the rain the ride was more enjoyable. And the views were INCREDIBLE. We took the highway along the coast, winding up, over and around the mountains to Danang. It was phenomenal. I wish Dan was feeling better so he could have enjoyed it in the same way that I had. And not only was that fantastic, but I’m so proud of myself for navigating the windy roads safely and efficiently! And I was even-more-so proud when we got into Danang – the traffic was ridiculous! But I stayed calm and smart and managed to get us where we needed to go. We stopped at a vegetarian restaurant that was just on our maps and it was SO GOOD. Again, I wish Dan had been feeling better to be able to enjoy it in the same way I had. We sat down and they just handed us plates piled high with food. And we paid only about $0.80 for them! We didn’t stay too long, but after playing with the little girl and giving her lots of stickers, we headed on our way to finish the journey. We had booked a hotel before arriving, and as soon as we got there Dan CRASHED. It was this beautiful resort called Senvila that we found a really good deal for, and for only $40 a night we had a high king sized bed in a super fancy hotel room with a balcony overlooking the pool! Again, the weather here was not so good so we didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the pool. But everything else we definitely took advantage of. The TV, the housecoats, the breakfasts, the shuttles into town! Ah, it was great. And after a recovery night here, Dan was feeling much better and we were able to do some exploring!

Hoi An was really cute. A bunch of old, yellow buildings now housing restaurants and shops, and bars along the river! And at night, the lanterns strung everywhere lit up and the whole place changed into this magic. And the river was also lit up with candles set off in little paper boats. Seriously cute. And such good food! Although, since Danny didn’t have the biggest appetite we devoured tons of French fries – and I had no problem with that! Along with all the lanterns, Hoi An is also known for their tailors! It was kind of a mess of a process (they tell us one day and it will be finished, but that ends up being not so possible!) but we both ended up getting some things made! Dan got two dress shirts, one longsleeved and one short. And I got a bikini (the best thing ever!!!!), a dress, and a bodysuit. I wish I had had more time to get them all exactly as I wanted them, but for the most part they are very pretty! And it’s encouraged me to learn how to make my own clothes. I mean, if they can do it… what’s stopping me!

We scrambled to pick up all our clothing with all the different timelines we were given from all our shops, but we stressfully made it back on time to get picked up for our overnight bus to Nha Trang! Somehow.


12 thoughts on “Food Poisoning, Rain & Motobikes

  1. Hey Paige 🙂 Thank you for posting these wonderful blogs / posts that let people read and find out more about the culture and the experiences you have created :). I’m just a bit lost , haha seems like you visited a lot of countries when you started backpacking. Do you mind listing them in order you visited ? And the cities if you can .. as well what countries are you planning to visit after Malaysia 🙂 or where are you now 🙂 . So when you are you coming home ? Are you excited to get back to Canada ? Probably so cold there, I assume . As well can you list all the countries and cities you have been before this long trip. And when was it and how long was it ?Was it backpacking or vacation or family travel ? I think this isn’t your first backpacking or is it ? It looks like you have travel the whole world 🙂 very proud of you 🙂 I’m sorry if too much. Just interesting how much of the world you have seen through your beautiful eyes 🙂 Be safe 🙂 and enjoy !!! :). Thank you for reading my comment


    • Thanks for reading!!! I’m glad you like what I have to share. And I appreciate your questions! I really do!

      Yes, I’ve definitely visited a lot of countries during my six and a half months traveling! And no, this isn’t my first backpacking trip! Here is a list:
      – Philippines (Cebu, Bohol, Siquihor, Puerto Princessa)
      – Malaysia (Borneo – Kota Kinabalu, Kudat, Miri, Kuching; Peninsula – Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands, Melaka, Georgetown)
      – Singapore
      – Bali (Ubud, Canggu)
      – Thailand (Bangkok, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pai, Koh Rong)
      – Myanmar (Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake, Kalaw, Myitkina)
      – Laos (Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Nong Khiaw, Luang Prabang)
      – Vietnam (Hanoi, Mai Chau, Ninh Binh, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh, Phu Quoc)
      – Cambodia (Koh Rong, Kep, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh)
      – India (Kolkata, Varanasi, Agra, Delhi, Dharamsala)

      And right now I’m still hanging out in Northern India! I’m not sure yet when I’ll be coming home. I’m definitely excited, but nervous too! It’ll be a big change.

      Before this trip, I had been backpacking in Central America (5 weeks – Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica) in 2014 & my 2012 trip to SE Asia (3 months – Thailand, India, Nepal). It will take me too long to name the cities there… they were so long ago and I went to many! And before and in between I’ve done many family trips to the states, Hawaii and some places in Western Canada!

      Thanks again for your interest. Xx


  2. Oh wow 🙂 food poising ? That probably sucked for you guys ! But nothing you guys can’t handle. So how did it happen ? Now I’m afraid to get food poising :(. I realized that you are vegetarian and he eats meat. So is it difficult to work your guys differences in food ? Does it cause conflict ? Do you wish you were both vegetarian ? Or both ate meat ? I know for guys to give up meat is a bit challenging. Are you ever tempted to eat meat ? What made you become vegetarian ?
    So now I’m curious. Where do you find the food the best ? Canada or ? What is the worse food and where ? Ahah . Keep writing !!!


    • Definitely not fun, especially for poor Danny! Not sure what he ate, but something was a bit off! I find that food poisoning is a sneaky one. In Myanmar I had a meal at a nice restaurant and was super super sick from that! I thought that place was a safe bet, but I guess not!
      Yes, I am vegetarian and he is not! It’s not too difficult – he respects my eating choices, and I respect him! Plus he eats vegetarian pretty often, and is a reaaaaally good cook and cooks me yummy veggie food all the time! Of course I wish he was vegetarian, I’m really passionate about it! And there are so so so many positive reasons to be vegetarian. But I understand that he isn’t passionate about it like I am, and he doesn’t have any desire to cut it out of his diet! I’m a sucker for fried chicken. Every time I smell it my mouth waters! But I would never give in to that. And I know that it’s just the idea that I like. I can’t even look at it up close without feeling grossed out!
      I’ve been vegetarian for about 5 years, but the idea has been with me for years! My mom pulled out some papers from when I was in grade 2 awhile back and on one of them there was a question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I wrote vegetarian! I would say my #1 reason is that I reaaaally hate the idea of it. It grosses me out, I’ve never liked it, and I hate that it’s dead animal! But being vegetarian, I’ve learned soooooo many other benefits. It’s incredibly good for the environment, it’s good for my health, and obviously I’m not contributing to the slaughtering of animals. The list goes on and on!
      Best vegetarian food is India – no doubt about that! It’s so so easy to find veg food, and it’s all so delicious! And nutritious! Worse food is definitely in the Philippines. So much meat there! Ick!
      Thanks for all the questions. Xx!


  3. You know, I though Denny is your brother not your boyfriend. You guys look a lot like . Both very happy and cute smile .. oh as well blue eyes and blonde hair haha . It took some time to realize he is your boyfriend . Reading your past blogs about soulmates and how they should reflect be reflection of our own soul, Do you think denny is your soulmate ? Is he a reflection of you ? What is the best quality you see in him and he sees in you ? ( except the lovely looks ) . Are you guys quite similar, if yeah in what way ? And in what way you guys are different ? . It’s quite fascinating to see your opinion about soulmates and relationships . You are quite unique person !!!!! Goodluck in your amazing life !


    • Haha yeah, we get that a lot! But we are DEFINITELY not related! Lol. Wow, what a question! I actually just had to search on my blog to see what post you were referring to. I wrote that years ago! And reading over it… that was weird for me. I think I’ve matured a lot since I wrote that. Maybe I’ll write a whole post about this one of these days soon! But for now I’ll give you my short answer: I think that maybe a soulmate is not a reflection of my soul, but rather someone who is a complementary to my soul. Someone to teach me, someone to show me how to find and love my true self. Yup, I definitely have a lot of wheels turning now… keep your eyes out for a post!
      My favorite thing about being with Dan is that he loves me just as I am, and I do the same for him. I don’t expect him to be anything other than entirely himself, and I know I can be the same – free of any judgements. Based on the soulmate post you read and my views in it – no, I don’t think he is a soulmate. But, based on the way I view soulmate now – yes, absolutely.
      We are different in SO. MANY. WAYS! But we are similar in the ways that really matter. This is something that I think of often, especially while we were travelling together. I’m such an emotional, introspective and spiritual person, and he is so together and easy going and so opposite from me in those ways! But we both are so family oriented, want to get married and have kids around the same times and at the end of the day, we just want to love, be loved, and be happy! I could go on and on and on about our similarities and differences. But for now, this will do  Thanks for being interested!!


  4. you are a very happy girl from what I see here ! It’s incredible to see such a beautiful individual like you with a beautiful soul to go explore and give your love and happiness around the world 🙂
    When you started backpacking , you were with your friend Bianka and then what happen ? She left you and was gone ? Where you alone , traveling ? :(. Poor thing. And now your with your boyfriend traveling to the end of your mission ? How is the traveling with your boyfriend vs your friend vs by yourself ? Is it fun to travel by yourself , not scared of approaching like drugs and etc in these places ?


    • Thank you so much for your kind words!! I really, really appreciate that. Namaste!

      Our friendship had some issues before travelling, and the trip just accelerated them. It’s for the best! She went traveling on her own, and I did as well. It allowed for us both to have the trips we each wanted and needed.

      I was on my own for a bit (well, travelling a bit with a girl I met in Bali) and then my parents came to meet me for a few weeks in Thailand! After that, I was again on my own again, then travelling with people that I met along the way for short chunks of time. Then my boyfriend came and now that he’s gone I have a few more months traveling on my own before I go home! Traveling with my boyfriend was really incredible. It was so nice to have someone that I know and love with me every day. And we really got to know each other on a new level. But there are so many benefits of travelling on my own, too! I was meeting so many people, really faced with myself and getting to know myself. But it definitely has some downsides too – always having to meet new people, or not finding anyone to spend time with. It was hard sometimes having these incredible experiences, but not able to share it with anyone! Travelling with my parents was obviously really nice, too! I was so happy to share the part of the world that I love so much with them. As for safety by myself, I haven’t ever really felt at risk for anything! I’m very careful, and I really am aware of my decisions and my surroundings. I do everything that I can to make sure I am not in danger! So far, it’s worked out for me! 🙂


  5. I have been waiting for a while to ask this. Finally got a chance . Why have you decided to visit Southern Asia ? Why not something else ? Perhaps Europe ? Or Eastern Europe like Turkey or Estonia ? Do you ever want to visit you ? I know everyone go visit Europe especially,big places like England and Spain. But there are small poor countries like Hungary, Slovenia,Moldova, Ukraine or Albania ? ( not very wealthy ) what made you decide to go to those countries ? What about wealthy countries like Japan and etc in Asia .. do you want to visit them ? Or wealthy countries like England ?


    • I was in SE Asia (India, Thailand and Nepal) in 2012 and absolutely fell in love! In 2014 I went to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama, and just didn’t feel that the culture was as charming, spiritual and challenging as it is in SE Asia! I definitely want to go to Europe – ESPECIALLY Eastern Europe. Maybe that’s where I’ll head on my next trip! I also definitely want to travel to wealthier countries too… but one day when I have the money to do so! I always say that I’ll the the harder countries now, when I have little money and lots of courage, and I’ll save the nicer countries for when I have money and when I’m less adventurous ! 🙂


  6. Omg !! I look at your pictures and let me tell you something . Girl you are beautiful !! You have these beautiful blue eyes full of joy and passion . As well those white pearly teeth . Can I have them ? And for your information your nose is perfect structure , coming from student in med school who studies noses . It’s the most cutest thing ever. So small and sharp and has best structure. You got it all :). Take care of your beauty 🙂


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