Find Someone


Find someone who will wave goodnight & goodmorning to you from their bunk bed when it’s too hot to share.
Find someone who will finish your meals when you’re too full, and laugh when you decide to eat like a monster.
Find someone who, like you, won’t settle for an unfair price either.
Find someone to laugh with, to be quiet with, to mindlessly chat with, and to pour your heart out to.
Find someone who doesn’t run from your emotions.
Find someone who will laugh at how sweaty and dirty you are before helping you wash it all off.
Find someone who will let you sleep in and close the curtains when the sun starts to shine in your face.
Find someone who will squeeze your fingertips in public when affection isn’t culturally appropriate.
Find someone who spoons you so lovingly, and then teases you when you try to misfittingly spoon them.
Find someone who will push and pull and push again until the middle ground is found.
Find someone who makes you laugh by wiping curry off their face with a chapati and then eating it – not even trying to be funny.
Find someone who will talk to you in their sleep.
Find someone who scoops you up and pulls you in.
Find someone who will catch your eye and share a smile when you’re in a room full of locals and you’re being asked to dance in front of everyone.
Find someone who will accept the shots of rice whisky with you.
Find someone who will let you cling to them in the ocean, and who will carry you out when a stingray stings you.
Find someone who will say “one day” when you’re asked over and over and OVER again if you’re married or if you have children.
Find someone who will be with you long distance for four and a half months, then join you across the world for two months.
Find someone who will support you,
who will understand you,
and who will encourage you.
Find someone to show you what it is to love, and be loved.
Because let me tell you, I have, and I couldn’t imagine my world any other way.


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