Space & Discoveries

“Allow yourself the space you need” – this was my intention for practice this morning. This intention came from all the discouraging discoveries I made yesterday. My knees hurt. A lot. And throughout the day it came to light that I have been doing SO MANY THINGS W R O N G. Because of this, I’ve been putting pressure on my knees and over my practices I’ve unknowingly been hurting myself. This discovering felt heavy. It felt like I had to relearn so much of what I thought I’ve had perfected for a long time. But with this, I gave myself space. I allowed myself to not push too hard. To not sacrifice health for an asana. To not let my ego to get in the way when I had to really back out of or modify a posture. By allowing myself to listen to my body, to be gentle with my body & to take a step back, I had one of my strongest practices. Through this space, came growth. Today I learned how to love myself in a different way.


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