Paige lives in a world of love, normally surrounded by prairies and mountains in Southern Alberta, Canada. But right now, she is a roamer, an explorer, a free-spirit. She is in SE Asia. She started writing to document her travels abroad in Southeast Asia in 2012, but that task quickly revealed an unknown desire to pour her heart out through words. Writing is now a practice of catharsis for her, the words flowing easily from the center of her truth. In this life, she is a student; a student of academia, a student of yoga, a student of Mother Nature. She is a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a girlfriend. She is a lover of all things living and a friend to all beings sentient. Trying to find her True North on her spiritual path, she allows her open heart and vulnerability to be her compass. Her intent with her words is to inspire others to open their hearts a little bit wider, love a little bit deeper, and dream a little bit bigger.


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