The Moon

Years ago, my family went to Los Angeles. At the end of one of our days exploring we made our way to the beach long after the sun had gone down. We stood on the beach looking at the ocean, watching the waves crash down on the sand, embracing this time as a family. I remember us all standing trying to figure out what this one strange thing was in the water, was it a buoy? A boat? A person?
We realized it was the reflection of the moon.
The sky was clear, the water (past the waves of course) was still, and the moon was bright, full and powerful. My dad, sister and I ran to the crashing waves to let the magic & the moment wash over us. My mom called out to us as we let our wild feet carry us to the water:
“Don’t swim past the moon!”
It’s stuck with me ever since.

“The moon will never lie to anyone. Be like the moon. No one hates the moon or wants to kill it. The moon does not take antidepressants and never gets sent to prison. The moon never shot a man in the face and ran away. The moon has been around a long time and has never tried to rip anyone off. The moon does not care who you want to touch or what color you are. The moon treats everyone the same. The moon never tries to get in on the guest list or use your name to impress others. Be like the moon. When other insult or belittle in an attempt to elevate themselves, the moon sits and passively and watches, never lowering itself to to anything that weak. The moon is beautiful and bright. It needs no makeup to look beautiful. The moon never shoves clouds out of its way so it can be seen. The moon needs not fame or money to be powerful. The moon never asks you to go to war to defend it. Be like the moon.
– Henry Rollins

“She didn’t quite know what the relationship was between lunatics and the moon,
but it must be a strong one,
if they used a word like that to describe the insane.”
-Paulo Coelho

How To Love The Moon

1. You ask the moon to dance. The moon is a lonely creature, a shy creature that spends too much time watching the world below and chasing after the sun. It could use a distraction.

2. Search for her even on the darkest nights because sometimes we all need to know someone is thinking about us. But never ever try and pull her from her hiding place. Let her shimmer between the clouds every once in a while.

3. Realize that she has already seen every inch of your skin, perhaps when you were completely unaware. Perhaps when you were tracing your bones, your scars for someone else. But remember that she’s the one who let you glow She’s the one that never turned away.

4. Write her a love letter and tie it to a balloon or send it in a rocket. Even moons love getting mail.

5. Take time to sit with her, softly. Let her light the words in your book, the flowers in your garden. Because the times we shine the brightest are the times when we know the world won’t turn away.

-Kelsey Danielle

“May the moon softly restore you by night.”